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At Tamer Industries we manufacture a wide variety of manifolds and related products in differential pressure, gas flow and levels applications.


They are available with bodies of traditional, compact and/or custom designs:

  • Design based on customer engineering requirements

  • Fewer potential leak points

  • Bodies of materials such as steel istainless, carbon steel and duplex stainless steel

  • Manufacturing with flowdrill or punching processes

  • Assembly of additional components to save manufacturing processes

At Tamer Industries we are in constant communication with all our clients to be at the forefront in terms of market needs, which is why we have developed Automotive Emergency Kits and Heavy Duty Kits. Which are designed and customized to meet the different needs of the automotive sector.

As national manufacturers we have the widest and most professional range of bottle jacks on the market in Latin America.

Our unique pumping system in the world guarantees perfect operation and durability in jobs, whether they are simple or rough work. 

It is for it that our most important commitment is the quality of our products, which are backed by the NOM certification as well as the MADE IN MEXICO seal. 


60 years of work support us in the manufacture of products for different sectors. 

Proof of this are our oil cans and injectors which bear the seal and quality of Industrias Tamer. 

Original equipment

At Industrias Tamer we know the need that the specialized industry requires, which demands maximum  reliability to carry out heavy work and/or rough use; for this reason we have made an effort and professionalized throughout our history in developing specialized lines for said sector.

In this way, we are committed to providing our customers with safety and optimal performance in our processes and manufactured products,